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Wellness Exams

Prevention is key to keeping your pet healthy, and we start this process with physical examinations.  In addition to a complete, nose to tail, physical exam, we also take the time to ensure your pets' routine preventative care needs are met and up to date.  Exams are a great time for you to ask the veterinarian any questions you might have about your pet.  We can also make recommendations about how to train, groom, what diet to feed, and how to generally care for your pet.


Physical examinations play an extremely important role in managing patient lives. Many diseases are difficult to diagnose based on observation alone.  One of the more important aspects of a yearly, or twice yearly, exam is getting an accurate weight on your pet. Monitoring your pets' weight is an excellent way to gauge their health status.  Weight changes can be very difficult to identify without using a scale and weight fluctuations can be the only indication that there is a medical issue.  Bringing your pet in for a yearly or twice yearly exam is the best way to detect changes in your pets' weight.


A thorough physical examination is also necessary to identify other hidden health issues such as oral/dental disease. Even if there are not outward issues with your pets' oral health, the exam allows us to demonstrate and teach you about the importance of home dental care. Dental disease not only causes discomfort and inflammation in the mouth, it can also significantly impact the kidneys and liver or cause heart infections.  Examinations help us determine when professional cleaning is necessary.


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