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Meet Our Staff


Jen studied Zoology at SUNY Oswego and Veterinary Technology at Bel-Rea, becoming a certified veterinary technician in 2003. She’s been working as a technician in the Portland area for the last 11+ years. She shares her home with Chico, the wonder Chihuahua, Moon Pie the Basset Hound and her four favorite felines, Linus, Thor, Gracie and Fiona.


Marissa studied fine arts with an emphasis in Ceramics at the University of Washington. She started her trek in working with animal in Chicago where she was a full time dog walker and veterinary technician for several years before relocating to Portland in 2014.  She lives in Sellwood with her scrappy terrier mix Chalky and her drool master blue pit mix, Grover.


Laura studied Chemistry at West Texas A&M and became a certified veterinary technician in 2005. She has a background in veterinary rehabilitation and grooming and is a previous pet supply store owner. She lives with two handsome Schipperkes, Sonic and Pi, who can often be seen competing in flyball competitions.


Kendra studied Music Performance at Lawrence University and Veterinary Technology at Portland Community College, becoming a certified veterinary technician in 2013. She actively volunteers at the Audubon Society's wild life care center and has been working with horses for over 15 years. She has two very entertaining cats, Quill and Nym.


Molly has been working in veterinary medicine since she was 19 years old. She is an active foster for Multnomah Co. Animal Shelter and will usually have a very adorable furry crew accompanying her - they include pit mixes Mona and Hammy, terrier mix Wickett and kitties Opus and Mulligan.


Jonathan studied Political Science at The Evergreen State College and originally hails from the Chicagoland area. He joined the Forest Heights team in 2015 and has a  background in caregiving. He has two adorable  and sweet kitties, Karkat and Mongoose.


Naomi studied Veterinary Technology at Portland Community College and graduated in 2006 and is a Portland native. Naomi joined the Forest Heights team in 2015 and has been working in veterinary medicine since 2002. She has one human child, Liam and two fur children, the goofy lab Winchester and cute kitty Oddball.


Ryan has been working in veterinary medicine for 10+ years and migrated north to Portland from Eugene. He has one crazy cute Swedish Vallhund named Finn and adopted a little kitten BB in 2018.


Leila recently moved to Portland in 2017 from Montana and joined the Forest Heights team in 2017. Growing up with horses and being an avid rider, Leila has always dreamed of working with animals. She and her husband rescued two pups within the past year - an adorable Daschund mix Rhea with the cutest little legs and the very loveable and handsome German Shorthaired Pointer, Stetson.


Nicole joined Forest Heights in 2017 after making the move to Portland from NYC. She has worked in various positions in the animal world, including grooming and pet stores. Nicole is currently studying at the Aveda Institute and has two of the tiniest and cutest long hair Chihuahua's who can often be found snoozing at the front desk, Snood & Riott.

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